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8 thoughts on “ The Whispering Voice - Harm Wierda - ;777; (CD)

  1. Feb 07,  · There is a difference between a relaxed whisper, which is extremely quiet and voiceless, and a stage whisper or a voiced whisper. I can see how the latter could tense your vocal cords and cause further strain, but as someone who has struggled with allergy-related chronic laryngitis for years, I find that the relaxed voiceless whisper is a godsend for my voice.
  2. Hearing whispering, muffled chatter, talking in the distance or voices that sound like the radio is playing in a place without electricity or any other people, are all signs you hear voices from those in the non-physical world. As a personal story just for example, I was .
  3. Oct 23,  · Conducting the whispered voice test15 – The examiner stands arm's length ( m) behind the seated patient and whispers a combination of numbers and letters (for example, 4-K-2) and then asks the patient to repeat the sequence. The examiner should quietly exhale before whispering to ensure as quiet a voice as possible.
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  6. Oct 12,  · The Whispering Voice Poem sent to me by Seth & his wife, so this video is dedicated to them with my Best Wishes.
  7. Soft as the voice of an angel Breathing a lesson unheard Hope with a gentle persuasion Whispers a comforting word Wait, till the darkness is over Wait, till the tempest is done Hope, for the sunshine tomorrow After the darkness is gone Whispering hope Oh how welcome Thy voice Making my heart In its sorrow rejoice If in the dusk of the twilight.

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