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9 thoughts on “ Wet Spots - Wake Up With The Wet Spots (Vinyl, LP)

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  3. Oct 14,  · The sheets underneath me and the mattress were soaked. I got up, cleaned myself up, opened my window so the sun was shining on my bed, and set a fan aimed atthe wet spot. When I got home, I was surprised to see that my bed was still wet. I slept on a towel that night. The next morning, I woke up wet.
  4. Feb 28,  · This time, we went to bed, no wet spots, we in fact hadn’t had any wet spots for about a year. Then, I wake up at night the bed is wet from my feet to my waste, only on my side. My boxers were dry (where they didn’t touch the wetness) and I did NOT urinate in bed, I’ve never been a bed wetter in fact I got up and went straight to.
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  6. May 13,  · The Wet Spots were a punk rock band from Hamilton, Ontario. They formed back in the eighties and had an indie, cassette only release, entitled, Urinal Diaries, before this album in They were Pat Havoc, Danger Dave, Mo De Lon and Dug Illegal. Wake Up was produced by Mickey DeSadist, lead singer of the Forgotten Rebels.
  7. The Wet Spots: Wake Up With the Wet Spots () Produced by Mickey De Sadist from The Forgotten Rebels, this album leans toward the "rock" side of the punk rock equation. Some of the songs are goofy, like "Mashed Potatoes", which is really an Elvis cover, but others are a bit more serious.
  8. This morning, we woke up to find an unexplained wet spot with water covering an area in the living room. There are no windows, no sprinkler system, and the ceiling was completely bone dry. Second night in a row this has happened. Any ideas? More details in pics.
  9. From Canada. The Wet Spots' first EP, as heard on The L Word. Seven tracks of pure, unadulterated idiocy, four of which are not available anywhere else.5/5(1).

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