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  1. What Are Kola Nuts? Kola nuts – also spelled "cola" – come from the Cola acuminata and Cola nitidat trees, which are evergreen trees that are native to the tropical rain forests of Africa, primarily west Africa. They can be found extensively throughout Nigeria, where the kola nut is an important part of the country's traditions and that of individual tribes.
  2. Jun 04,  · To take the gotu kola for weight loss, you can resort to two options: the infusion of Gotu kola or consume it through capsules or tablets. In the case of choosing the first alternative, first, you must buy dried Centella Asiana in a store specialized in the sale of natural products, in a diet or pharmacy.
  3. Sep 20,  · 7 Gotu Kola Benefits 1. Enhances Memory. One of the most well-known gotu kola benefits is its potential to improve cognition and sharpen memory.. A study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease revealed that gotu kola extract may be able to improve memory at the molecular level by enhancing the activity of a pathway that is associated with long-term memory formation.
  4. About diet kola capsules. The founders of Diet Kola capsules used to drink 10 Kola beverages a day The recent science news that the rise in obesity has mimicked the rise in soda beverage consumption got us thinking to look for an alternative that still provided some stimulation, yet was a nutritional supplement approach! The result is Diet Kola Capsules!
  5. At first taste, the kola nut is quite bitter, but it does contain a natural sweetness as well as caffeine. It comes from the kola tree, which grows predominately in West Africa and areas of Latin America. The tree grows in tropical areas and produces large pods, similar to the cocoa pods that house the cocoa bean.
  6. The kola nut (Cola Nitida) is also known as guru nut, cola nut, cola seed and bissy nut, and is the seed for the kola tree. The Kola tree grows in hot, humid climates. It’s a flowering evergreen native to the tropical rainforests of Africa, primarily in West Africa, but also cultivated in .
  7. Jul 29,  · The leaves of Gotu Kola is a folk remedy to cure severe stomach pain, which is one of the reasons behind the onset of gastric ulcers. Gotu Kola leaves possess antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which help improve colon and gut health. 3. Boosts Libido. There are findings revealing the ability of Gotu Kola to enhance bedroom performance.
  8. Kola nut trees are usually found growing near the sea-coast or in tropical rainforest conditions. The trees need a hot humid climate, however they can withstand a dry season on sites with a high ground water level. Kola nut trees may be cultivated in drier areas where ground water is available. soil Kola nut trees prefer a deep, rich, fertile soil.
  9. Gotu kola is a key ingredient in many Indian, Indonesian, Malaysian, Vietnamese, and Thai dishes. It distinctive sweet and bitter flavor and a slight grassy scent. Gotu kola is a central ingredient of one of Sri Lanka's most popular dishes, gotu kola sambol, which combine shredded gotu kola leaves with shallots, lime juice, chili, and grated.

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